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Riding to Feed America – 500 Mile Relay

Johnny Mason has assembled a three man team to relay 500 miles over the Labor Day weekend for Feeding America Southwest Virginia.

You do not have to peddle but Johnny’s team needs your help by gathering canned goods and taking them to Berglund Ford and Mazda at 834 East Main Street in Salem, Va. There will be donation drop boxes in the showrooms and in the service department.

For those that live out of the area or physically unable to make the drop off please visit FASWVA’s donation link:  https://www.faswva.org/donate/

Johnny and his team look forward to taking your canned good donations to Feeding America Southwest Virginia and experiencing the feeling of accomplishment from the combined efforts to help people in our community. Thank YOU!

*Drop off starts as early July 20th 2015 and ends on September 11th 2015*

Visit the Riding to Feed America Facebook page for more details.