Legal Food Frenzy



April 15 – 26, 2019



The Young Lawyers Division of The Virginia Bar Association and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks invite you to participate in the 2019 Legal Food Frenzy!

To date, the Legal Food Frenzy has raised the equivalent of more than 17 million pounds of food. Help us raise even more by registering your firm, legal department, law school, or individual practice today! All winners will be invited to a special award ceremony in Richmond.

In addition to the friendly competition across the legal community, most offices enjoy having fun as a team and, of course, knowing they are working together to feed the hungry in their local community.

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For the first time in 13 years, we are changing up the rules so there are more opportunities to win!

The winning small firm (1 – 24 people) and large firm (25+) from each food bank service area will receive statewide recognition.

The firm that gives the most per capita (minimum 5 person office, including support staff) across the state will win a physical trophy, the coveted AG Cup.

There will be one statewide winner, respectively, for the ‘Legal Department,’ ‘Law School,’ and ‘Government & Public Service’ categories (per capita).

Each individual branch will compete against other firms in their region. Points from multiple offices will not be tallied together for the purposes of statewide recognition

Statewide Recognition & Reception in Richmond
Southwest Virginia Small Firm                (1- 24 people, most raised per capita)
Southwest Virginia Large Firm                (25+ people, most raised per capita)
Legal Department                                       (most raised per capita)
Law School                                                   (most raised per capita)
Government & Public Service                   (most raised per capita)

Local Recognition additional in Southwest Virginia press releases
Rookie of the Year                                      (most raised per capita)

Spirit Award                                                  (highest percentage team participation)

Paul Klockenbrink as 2017 Legal Food Frenzy Food Czar

Paul Klockenbrink as the 2016 “Food Czar”!


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Anna Goltz
Annual Fund & Corporate Relations Officer

2019 Participants

Cowan Perry
Cranwell & Moore PLC
Fishwick & Associates PLC
Frankl Miller Webb & Moyers
Frith Anderson & Peake 
Gentry Locke
Glenn Feldmann Darby & Goodlatte
Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff
Guynn Waddell Carrol & Lockaby PC
Johnson Ayers & Matthews
Martinsville Public Defenders Office
Sprague & Hixson
Woods Rogers PLC
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