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Please help Feeding America Southwest Virginia put food on the table for those less fortunate this holiday season.


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Kroger, WSLS10 and Freedom First are hosting a “Holidays from the Heart” Food Drive to raise food for Southwest Virginians facing hunger this holiday season. Non-perishable food donations may be made at area Kroger stores – just look for the Feeding America Southwest Virginia bins in the front of the store.


Most needed foods are:


canned meals | canned meats | canned fruits and vegetables | peanut butter | soups | dry beans | rice |
whole hams and turkeys


If you prefer to make a financial contribution, click the Donate button.

Every dollar you give equals 7 meals for the hungry.


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Your Food Drive FAQ


What supplies does FASWVA provide for my drive?

FASWVA can provide colorful posters, donation barrels*, and collection bags. (*Donation barrels are reserved for drives anticipating a collection of 350 or more pounds.)
How long should my drive last? Depending on the size of your organization, 1-2 weeks is optimal. You want to give people enough time to get their donation in, without losing a sense of urgency and excitement.


How do I get food drive donations to the Food Bank?

Whenever possible, we ask that you deliver your donations to our closest distribution center:

What are your donation hours?

We accept food donations at both our Salem and Abingdon distribution centers Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm.


Can you pick up my food donations?

In order to make the best, most efficient use of our funds, we pre-schedule our drivers. We ask that you schedule a pick-up at least a week ahead of time and that your pick-up be a minimum of 350 pounds.


Which would you prefer be donated: food or money?

FASWVA is grateful for any and all donations. Food drives not only provide the food needed by our hungry neighbors, but also create a connection between donors and the people they are helping. On the other hand, monetary donations yield more food, as FASWVA can buy at deeply reduced rates. For every dollar donated, we are able to provide $14.00 worth of groceries. How will receipts for monetary donations be handled? Anyone donating offline (e.g., by check) will receive a printed thank you letter with gift receipt in the mail. Anyone donating online will receive the same print letter as well as an automated email thank you message with gift receipt. Cash donations will not be individually receipted. Instead, all cash donations will be credited as one lump sum to your individual or organization’s name.


Why doesn’t FASWVA provide receipts for cash donations?

For legal purposes, we must maintain a paper trail for all gifts that we receipt. If cash donations are not received and receipted at the point of donation by a Food Bank staff member, we have no verifiable way to link the gift amount with the corresponding donor. We are more than happy to send a thank you letter to all cash donors to your drive if you provide a list of names. However, this letter will not qualify as an official tax receipt.


How do I handle my company’s matching gifts?

Many corporations have a matching gift program. Please consult your Human Resources department to see if your company matches charitable contributions. When making a contribution that your company will match, be sure to enclose the paperwork required by your company with your gift.


How much does a Food Donation barrel hold?

Our Food Donation barrels hold approximately 225 pounds of food, or roughly enough to serve about 190 meals.


How much does a can of food weigh?

The average can of food weighs 15 ounces — almost a pound.