Food Insecurity – 2017

150,180 people are food insecure in the Feeding America Southwest Virginia (FASWVA) service area – 43,770 are children.

Of the 26 counties and nine cities served by FASWVA, seven have shown a rise in food insecurity for their total populations – Alleghany, Buchanan, Dickenson and Pulaski counties and the cities of Martinsville, Norton, and Radford.

In spite of recent economic recovery nationwide, the areas above have suffered continued job and population loss due to the reduced output of coal mining companies and very few replacement jobs after the exit of furniture, textile, and other manufacturing from the region.

Most of our counties and municipalities have seen a drop in childhood food insecurity except for the city of Norton which increased 23.5% and Dickenson County which has shown no change at 820 children in need.

Year-over-year, child population in the FASWVA service area has decreased in all but five counties and three cities.  All but seven counties and three cities have seen a decline in overall population.

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