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Salem warehouse Featured Product List

This page will contain a list of items that are featured. Please visit our warehouse to see all the products.

As a reminder, you must have an appointment scheduled with Jon Smith to be able to come Select food.

Please note that this list is what we have in stock at the time of our inventory and we may or may not have them when you arrive as it is a ‘First Come, First Served’ basis.

Updated: 04-01-19

Purchase Food
PF00056 Diced Tomatoes 24/14.5 oz. CS 11.77
PF00142 Chicken & Dumplings 12/15 oz. CS 11.98
PF00150 Elbow Macaroni 20/16 oz. CS 11.11
PF00297 Quick Oats 12/14 oz. CS 11.96
PF00534 Beans & Franks 24/7.5 oz. CS 15.59
PF00629 EZO Corn 24/8 oz. CS 12.58
PF00633 Chunk Chicken 24/5 oz. CS 18.49
PF00648 Mac & Cheese POP 24/7.5 oz. CS 16.63
PF00781 Corn 24/15.25 oz. CS 12.60
PF00932 Chili Beans 20/16 oz. CS 14.36
PF00987 Chicken Stuffing 24/6 oz. CS 18.01
PF01015 SS Mac & Cheese 40/2.15 oz. CS 13.85
PF01028 Pancake Mix 15/16 oz. CS 11.50
PF01048 Tomato Soup 24/10.72 oz. CS 11.96
PF01053 100% Juice Fruit Punch 40/6.75 oz. CS 11.91
PF01058 White Rice 24/1 lb. Bag CS 12.50
PF01112 Pancake Syrup 12/24 oz. CS 13.69
PF01131 Pork and Beans 24/15 oz. CS 5.00
PF01150 Trail Mix 72/1.5 oz. CS 25.10
PF01151 Apple Sauce Cups 72/4 oz. CS 17.44
PF01152 Tuna Kits 12/3.5 oz. CS 13.96
PF01153 Vegetarian Lasagna 24/7.5 oz. CS 15.65
PF01185 Oat Meal Packs-Map Brn. Sug. 200/1.5 oz. CS 36.70
PF01186 Oat Meal Packs- App. Cinn. 200/1.5 oz. CS 36.20
PF01188 Beef Stew 24/7.5 oz. CS 14.97
PF01190 100% Grape Juice 40/6.75 oz. CS 9.06
PF01191 100% Apple Juice 40/6.75 oz. CS 9.06
PF01193 100% Orange Tangerine Juice 40/6.75 oz. CS 9.06
PF01194 Apple Sauce 24/15 oz. CS 18.01
DF01413 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers 252 Diapers CS 2.28
DF01421 Pampers Swaddlers 45/88 CS ####
DF01427 Pampers Under Jam 42 Diapers CS 1.14
DF01428 Pampers Splashers 144 Diapers CS 1.33
DF01504 Assorted Pampers Diapers Must be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00820 Gatorade 15/28 oz. CS 3.10
DF01177 Assorted Water Must Be Weighed LB 0.00
DF01375 Purified Drinking Water 40/16.9 fl. Oz. CS 4.20
DF00002 Asst. Bread ( Hambuger Buns ) Must be Weighed lb 0.00
DF01340 Vegg. Bouillon(Better than Bouillon) 6/8 oz. CS 1.14
DF01451 Prego Italian Sauce 6/67 oz. CS 5.13
DF01452 Prego Italian Sauce 6/67 oz. CS 5.32
DF01455 Pace Picante Sauce 12/38 oz. CS 5.89
DF01373 Grits Quick Enriched 8/5 lb. CS 7.60
DF01385 Joy Bol Smoothie Bowls Asst. 4/2.1 oz. CS 0.95
DF01472 Frosted Flakes (Pumpkin Spice) 12/24 oz. CS 3.42
DF00026 Assorted Cookies & Crackers Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01404 Ritz Crackers 12/13.7 oz. Boxes CS 2.28
DF01405 Ritz Hint Of Salt Snacks 12/13.7 oz. CS 1.90
DF01430 Yoplait Lowfat Yogurt 12/4 oz. CS 0.57
DF01432 Dannon Lowfat Blueberry Tart 12/5.3 oz. CS 0.76
DF01447 Mayo 200/7-16 oz. CS 1.14
DF01491 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chive & Oni 12/7.5 oz. CS 1.14
DF01493 Kraft Natural Cheese Shredded Mozzarel 5/16 oz. Pouches CS 1.14
Food Drive
DF00036 Sorted Food Drive Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00607 Canstruction Food Drive Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01457 V8 Healthy Greens 6/46 oz. CS 2.00
DF01458 V8 Energy Drink/Peach Pomegranate 18/8 oz. Cans CS 1.10
DF01460 V-Fusion Light Pomegranate 6/46 oz. CS 2.00
DF01461 V8-Fusion Strawberry Banana 12/12 OZ. CS 1.10
DF01465 V8 Splash Pineapple 6/16 oz. CS 1.50
KPF00569 100% Grape Juice 40/6.75 oz. CS 7.74
DF00043 Assorted Frozen Meats Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01369 Kroger VT Touchdown Turkeys Must Be Weighed LB. 0.19
DF00045 Asst. Foods Cooler Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00046 Asst. Foods Frozen Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01365 KPF Conversion Must Be Weighed LB 0.09
DF01490 P3 Portable Protein Packs 2-6/1.8 oz. Packs CS 0.38
DF00053 Assorted Produce Must Be Weighed LB 0.00
DF01401 Pasta: Bi-Color Rotini Spiral 16/1 lb. case CS 3.04
DF00057 Sorted Salvage Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00547 Assorted Beverages Salvage Must Be Weighed LB 0.00
DF00057 Glad Small Snack Tupperware Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00057 #10 Cans of Tomatoes Must Be Weighed LB 0.00
DF00057 Paris Express Rice Meal Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00057 Uncle Ben’s Rice Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00057 Knorr One Skillet Meal Starter Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00057 Krusteaz Italian Herb Bread Mix Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00057 St. Ives Green Tea Facial Scrub Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00057 Culinary Circle Asian Wing Sauce Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01376 Chips Asst. ( Essential Everyday ) 12/8 oz. CS 1.14
DF01453 Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Gold Fish 300/.75 oz. pkgs. CS 3.04
DF01456 Pepp. Farms Pretzel & 72/1.5 oz. CS 1.52
DF01464 Gold Fish W/ Grain 300/.75 CS 3.04
DF01467 PF Pretzel Gold Fish 6/26 oz. CS 2.09
DF01473 Rice Krispies Treats 48 ct. CS 1.33
DF01474 Nutri-Grain Bar (Blueberry) 3/16 ct. CS 0.76
DF01476 Bear Naked Granola Bars 5/11 oz. CS 0.57
DF01477 Rice Krispies Treats 6/10.9 oz. CS 0.76