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Salem warehouse Featured Product List

This page will contain a list of items that are featured. Please visit our warehouse to see all the products.

As a reminder, you must have an appointment scheduled with Jon Smith to be able to come Select food.

Please note that this list is what we have in stock at the time of our inventory and we may or may not have them when you arrive as it is a ‘First Come, First Served’ basis.

Updated: 10-22-2019

Purchase Food
PF00297 Quick Oats 12/14 oz. CS 10.83
PF00363 Spaghetti Sauce 24/15 oz. CS 12.11
PF00389 Apple Sauce 72/4 oz. CS 19.07
PF00463 Beef Chili w/Beans 12/20 oz. CS 14.77
PF00534 Beans & Franks 24/7.5 oz. CS 15.72
PF00550 Tomato Soup 24/10.72 oz. CS 11.55
PF00604 Peanut Butter 12/12 oz. CS 11.18
PF00628 Cheezit Crackers 60/1.5 oz. CS 16.87
PF00651 Mini Beef Ravioli 12/7.5 oz. CS 8.28
PF00689 Veg. Lasagna 24/7.5 oz. CS 15.90
PF00693 Veg.Stew w/Beef 12/20 oz. CS 15.03
PF00781 Corn 24/15.25 oz. CS 12.61
PF00834 Spaghetti 20/16 oz. CS 11.24
PF00911 Pop Top Tuna 48/5 oz. CS 27.14
PF01012 Austin Peanut Butter 12/96 packs CS 22.63
PF01014 Apple Juice 40/6.75 oz. CS 11.94
PF01028 Pancake Mix 15/16 oz. CS 12.05
PF01228 (AE) Trail Mix 72/1.5 oz. CS 24.28
PF01232 Chicken & Dumpling 12/14.5 oz. CS 12.54
PF01285 Fruit Spread-Grape 12/19 oz. CS 10.99
PF01286 Pancake Syrup 12/24 oz. CS 10.98
PF01288 Apple Sauce 12/14.5 oz. CS 7.76
PF01289 Pears 12/15 oz. CS 8.46
PF01290 Mandarin Oranges L/Syrup 24/11 oz. CS 12.67
PF01308 White Milk 24/8 oz. CS 12.31
PF01321 Green Beans 24/14.5 oz. CS 11.50
DF01427 Pampers Under Jam Girls Size 8 42 Diapers CS 1.14
DF01428 Pampers Splashers 144 Diapers CS 1.33
DF01177 Assorted Water Must Be Weighed LB 0.00
DF01580 Assorted Capri Sun 10/6 oz. pks. LB 0.19
DF01374 Kraft Miracle Whip 4/1 Gal. CS 6.84
DF01509 Halloween Funfetti Frosting 8/15.6 oz. CS 1.71
DF01547 Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing 4/1 Gal. CS 7.03
DF01548 Heinz French Dressing 60/1.5 oz. CS 1.14
DF01373 Grits Quick Enriched 8/5 lb. CS 7.60
DF01396 Assorted Cereal Must be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01576 Kellogg’s Overwatch (Vanille Flav.) CS 2.28
DF01577 Kellogg’s Frosted (Honey Nut Flav.) CS 2.28
DF01550 Duncan Hines Strawberry Cake Mix 12/15.25 oz. CS 2.47
Food Drive
DF00036 Sorted Food Drive Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01457 V8 Healthy Greens 6/46 oz. CS 2.00
DF01512 V8 Splash Pineapple 12/16 oz. CS 2.66
DF01515 V8 Splash Smoothie 6/46 oz. CS 3.80
DF00043 Assorted Frozen Meats Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01150 Assorted Frozen Smithfield Meat Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01561 Black Oak Ham 2 Hams Per CS CS 6.08
DF01564 Assorted Smithfield Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00046 Asst. Foods Frozen Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00057 Sorted Salvage Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF00547 Assorted Beverages Salvage Must Be Weighed LB 0.00
DF00822 Assorted Canned Fruits & Vegetables Must Be Weighed LB 0.19
DF01526 Cirio Diced Tomatoes 6×2 14 oz. CS 2.28