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Become a

Supper Hero


Supper Heroes give automatically, each month, to feed the hungry. Their donations help kids, families, veterans and seniors know that they can always count on Feeding America Southwest Virginia. Supper Heroes help make sure that everybody gets supper and nobody goes hungry.

With automatic, online donations, Supper Heroes are always there, each and every day. They not only help provide suppers for families, but after-school snacks for kids and special nutritional meals for seniors. When a disaster like a tornado strikes, Supper Heroes support communities and first responders.

Supper Heroes come from every walk of life. Will you join the Supper Heroes squad today? It’s a noble calling and we need your help.

Visit and set your “recurring option” to monthly when you make your gift.

Supper Heroes put the hurt on hunger and we need your help. Join the fight today!